Surfer Beaches and Soccer Stadiums in Gonzalo Centelles' Paintings

Surfer Beaches and Soccer Stadiums in Gonzalo Centelles' Paintings

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Barcelona-based painter Gonzalo Centelles portrays scenes of everyday life in his hometown, including many sports disciplines. Surfing on nearby beaches and soccer matches are integral parts of Spanish life, and thus also of Centelles' paintings. The work of this young painter is characterized by observational talent, vivid colors, and painterly shortcuts.

Themes of everyday life appear in Centelles' work, including urban corners, chaotic traffic, and serene still lifes with common household items or flowers. The figures in his paintings converse, engage in household chores or cooking, and relax on the beach. However, among the depicted scenes, there are also various recreational sports and professional matches. Beaches, surfers, and water sports, in general, are frequent subjects of his paintings, as a resident of Barcelona, but he naturally cannot overlook soccer and football fandom. Other paintings feature car races, tennis, or boxing.

Gonzalo Centelles, Tennis. Source: Saatchi Art

I go running only twice a week

Indeed, the painter has engaged in various sports disciplines throughout his life. "I love sports in general, and I used to actively participate in various sports. I used to play soccer and surf, but now I only go running twice a week. In the past, I created several artworks inspired by surfing because I love coastal landscapes and beaches, and surfing is a part of that environment. Football motifs, on the other hand, are an expression of my love for this sport," admitted Centelles.

Gonzalo Centelles, Summer in the city, 2011. Source: website of the artist

His oil paintings have a unique personal style, primarily based on observing everyday scenes. He portrays these situations with a certain irony and adds a subtle sense of humor to them. "My inspiration is everyday life with all its aspects. I capture ordinary moments with ordinary people in ordinary places," explained the painter, for whom every day is an inspiration for creation.

Perception of light and Spanish tradition

In Gonzalo Centelles' painting style, both the traditions of his native country and the atmosphere of the city where he lives are reflected. "In the past, I sought and still find inspiration in traditional Spanish folklore. Also, Barcelona as my hometown is reflected in my work," he confirmed, adding that, for example, striking colorfulness has always been typical for Spanish art.

Gonzalo Centelles, Camp Nou Stadium, 2019. Source: Artist's website

Bold, vibrant colors characterize Gonzalo Centelles' oil paintings. "From the beginning of my painting career, I have been very interested in colors. In my works, I use clear contrasting colors based on my own interpretation of light and color concepts," stated the painter about his work, who also strives to find unexpected perspectives and angles of view. The dynamic brushstrokes lend his work an energetic sense of movement.

Gonzalo Centelles, Nascar. Source: Saatchi Art

Gonzalo Centelles is a visual artist born in Barcelona in 1980, who studied at the Fine Arts University of Barcelona. He has exhibited several times in his hometown, for example, in 2011 at Celler de Can Ginestar, Sant Just Desvern, a year later at Galería Hartmann-La Santa, and several times, most recently last year, at Art Hotel Estela. In 2015, he presented his works in the United States, specifically at the A. J. Stonebreaker Gallery in San Francisco.

Gonzalo Centelles, Boxing. Source: Saatchi ArtGonzalo Centelles, F.C.Barcelona scoaring goal, 2015. Source: Fineartamerica

Gonzalo Centelles, Springboard dive. Source: Saatchi Art



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