Over 140 pages on sport and art: Sport in Art magazine presents a new printed magazine

Over 140 pages on sport and art: Sport in Art magazine presents a new printed magazine

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The cultural platform Sport in Art launches a new print magazine of the same name. Its unique content will delight both readers who are sports fans and those interested in art. 


WHERE CAN YOU GET IT? Sport in Art magazine is available at www.sportin.art/cs/predplatne, but also in many bookstores, art institutions, and select newsagents.

The face of our first issue is Krištof Kintera, an artist who proves beyond doubt that art and sport are two worlds that are not mutually exclusive. As well as playing hockey, he rides his bike to his studio. Cycling, by the way, is a theme that is woven throughout the first issue. 

Ancient Greece, kalokagathia as harmony of body and spirit, Tyrš - the founder of the Sokol movement or Pierre de Coubertine and the art competition at the Olympic Games. These are just fragments of how the combination of art and sport has significantly influenced the world. Sport in Art magazine brings this phenomenon back to life in a pleasant and contemporary form. 

The magazine will publish four issues yearly. With first-class image and text quality, it will offer inspiration, unexpected connections and intersections between sport and art. The pages of the first issue pay tribute to the magic of bicycles and art. In addition to cycling installations by Krištof Kintera, who was interviewed for the magazine, readers can also look forward to an interview by Markéta Navrátilová, the famous Czech photographer of the Tour de France. Read about the snowboarder Eva Adamczyková’s and the Czech Olympic Committee chairman Jiří Kejval’s love for art. In the magazine you will also find samples of major works of art influenced by sport from history to the present day, you will learn why Theodor Pištěk's painting is the most expensive auctioned artwork in the Czech Republic, but also that one of the leading Czech painters Zdeněk Sýkora liked to transport his paintings by bicycle.

Sport in Art Magazine, featuring Krištof Kintera on the cover, photo: Filip Beránek

Sport in Art magazine, cover with Krištof Kintera, photo: Filip Beránek

Jak říká šéfredaktor Milan Tesař: „Každé číslo bude „poznamenané“ hlavním tématem, vybraným sportem, jenž bude v tu chvíli ve hře díky významné akci. Zbytek obsahu věnujeme příběhům osobností, které stojí rozkročené mezi sportem a uměním. Ať už jsou to umělci, galeristé, sportovci, anebo investoři, mecenáši, lidé ze světa businessu, malíři, ilustrátoři a umělečtí fotografové, pro něž bývá sport a fyzická aktivita častým objektem zájmu.“ 

Each issue will focus on a specific sports discipline that currently resonates with the world. As the editor-in-chief Milan Tesař says: "Each issue will be "marked" by a main theme, a selected sport of the moment, tied to a major sporting event. The rest of the content is dedicated to the stories of personalities who stand between sport and art. Whether they are artists, gallerists, athletes, or investors, patrons, business people, painters, illustrators and art photographers for whom sport and exercise are frequent subjects of interest." 

For the first issue, the editorial team, headed by editor-in-chief Milan Tesař, art theorist Petr Volf and editor-in-chief of the Sport in Art online magazine Martina Fridrichová, invited important names from the contemporary art theory scene. These include poet Ondřej Buddeus, journalist Petr Vizina, publicist Dan Hrubý, and writer David Goldblatt. In the magazine, we will find not only generous visual documentation of this specific intersection of art and sport but also informative texts on more than one hundred and forty pages, supplemented by essays, poems and a music playlist. The graphic identity of the magazine was designed by the award-winning graphic designer Milan Nedvěd.

The range of activities of the cultural platform Sport in Art is wide. In addition to publishing a new print magazine, it also organises art exhibitions, and the Art Grand Slam art competition or publishes articles in the online magazine.

Sneak peek into Sport in Art magazine, graphic design by Milan Nedvěd

We already know that in the next issue, we can look forward to skiing in all its sporting and artistic forms.




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Published 19.09.2023

Článek je součástí tištěného magazínu Sport in Art. Ten vychází čtyřikrát do roka v prvotřídní obrazové a textové kvalitě na více než sto čtyřiceti stranách. Nabízí inspiraci, nečekané souvislosti, průniky sportu a umění. Každé číslo je zaměřené na jedno hlavní téma, vybraný sport. Zbytek obsahu věnujeme příběhům osobností, které stojí rozkročené mezi sportem a uměním. Můžete si pořídit jeho aktuální číslo nebo jako předplatné na https://www.sportin.art/cs/predplatne

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